STORM Product by G.C. Solutions

In today’s ever-changing world, process demands continue to drive the market. S.TOR.M. warnings have been issued and products have begun to take shelter in this customizable, all-in-one, vacuum/pressure jacketed vessel with sweep and high-shear agitation for powder/liquid mixing. Made in the United States, this unit is affordable and scalable to meet your production requirements. Seek immediate shelter from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to process solutions.
Your S.TOR.M. System allows you to select from the following features:

  • Sizes ranging from 20 to 10,000 gallons
  • All 316 Stainless Steel contact, optional high polish available
  • Scrape surface sweep agitators
  • Double motion agitation
  • Standard impeller type mixing
  • High shear mixing, recirculation or internal
  • Pressure/Vacuum capable of removing air and drawing power into vessel
  • Heating/Cooling of product with jacket STANDARD
  • Ease of use, cleaning and maintenance i.e. lid and mixers lift out of vessel via. water activated cylinder
  • PLC controlled with Wonderware software for accurate formulation control and repeatability

Advantages of S.TOR.M. System

  • Over 40% to 50% less cost than our competition
  • Customizable as ‘you’ the customer selects the mixer and features you know and want
  • Repeatable
  • Complete process system and scalable to any size
  • Add additional features at a later time
  • Ability to mix very thin or highly viscous products such as water and toothpaste
  • Use of pressure to reduce heating time
  • Reduced air into product

STORM Product Presentation

Click on the link below to view G.C. Solutions STORM product presentation in PDF format:

Storm Presentation 07 09