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Power Handling System - Complete System - Cropped

Powder Handling System



Bulk Bag Unloading Loss-in Weight System with Power Hoists, power Trolley, Tubular Vibrating Feeder Conveyors, feeding weighed ingredients into a drag conveyor, feeding into a Paddle Mixer, feeding into an Automatic Bagger machine, into a Bag Flattened and Code Dater into a Palletizing area and Stretch Wrapper.



G.C. Solutions supplied and installed this bulk bag filler mounted on a 48″ sq floor scale with digital readout.


G.C. Solutions own S.TOR.M. (Solutions To Rapid Mixing) system. This Lee Kettle has an anchor sweep and we mounted a Brawn mixer and a Silverson Batch mixer on this unit to provide complete and efficient mixing. With this unit we have achieved reduction in mixing time by as much a 90% less time. Eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment by doubling the number of batches or more per shift.


This is a Bulk Bag unloader frame. G.C. Solutions can supply and install any size or design.

G.C. Solutions supplied and installed this S.S. Centrifugal pump and mounted in on a stainless steel poly cart with a variable speed Inverter. Click here to view centrifugal pump on cart flyer.


This is a Flexible Screw Conveyor for powders feeding a powder filling machine with a divert valve to supply both filler hoppers with controls all supplied by G.C. Solutions.


G.C. Solutions supplied and installed this Flexible Screw conveyor with 8 cu. ft hopper, S.S. mounted on a portable cart. Tilting cart also available.


40 gallon kettle

G.C. Solutions can supply different size tanks and kettles. The kettle shown is a 40 gallon with sweep agitators inside, heating and cooling jackets and tilting cylinders to allow for easy cleaning on the units. This unit is also designed for pressure and vacuum operation. This allows the customer to cook or cool quicker or remove air or contain the vapor contents.


500 gallon Lee Kettle

G.C. Solutions supplied and installed this kettle is the 500 gallon Lee Kettle with a sweep agitatator, agitator tilting cylinder with heating and cooling jacket, and a # 7 mirror finish.


Dual Brawn Mixers

G.C. Solutions assembled this unit for a customer that allowed then to utilize the Brawn Mixer to mix totes and drums by simply changing the shaft and impeller.The entire unit is mounted on a Counter Balanced Genie Lift and supplied with a variable speed Inverter. Click here to view the Tote and Drum Mixer Flyer

The Brawn Mixers are used to mix liquids and powders. We build the frame to position the mixers properly in the tanks to provide proper mixing. Brawn mixers are simple hydraulic mixers, providing high flow liquid pumping of the liquid, which allow for the liquid /liquid and/or powders to blend into a homogeneous mixture.


waukesha pumps with inverters   20150916_151654   stainless steel tubular built portable carts 20140108_135141

G.C. Solutions have mounted many Waukesha P.D. Pumps on these stainless steel tubular built portable carts along with the variable speed controllers. They pump liquid products from water like to thick creams or very viscous products


G.C. Solutions can supply stainless steel tanks and kettle for your process needs. The above pictured tank is designed with double motion agitation, Jacketed and insulated for heating and cooling of your product, whatever your process needs are. The above tank is a 2000 gallon 316 S.S. vacuum pressure vessel.

Contact G.C. Solutions for more details and help with your process application.


G.C. Solutions supplied this customized Genie Lift to support a Silverson Mixers and supplied and mounted the Variable Speed controller.

Pictured is a Silverson FX60 on a Genie lift with inverter. This unit allows the operator to safely move the mixer from one tank to another for mixing of ingredients. This size unit will provide high shear mixing for batch sizes as from 55 gallons to 200 gallons.

We can design units sized for your specific application. Contact us for more details.

Silverson Flashmix Powder Induction System

G.C. Solution  offers custom fabrication of this portable cart for the Silverson FMX25, FMX50 and FMX75.

The Stainless Steel tubular cart and top table and VFD, Inverter or assembled and allow the user to utilize the Silverson Flashmix in motile locations and safely support the feed hopper of the unit.